You know your reasons for engaging in a market.

● ● ● with impact knows the challenges in emerging economies and brings the necessary expertise to implement sustainability.


You see great sales potential in the emerging markets – but there is only little or no awareness for the advantages of your product or technology?

You want to produce locally – but local workforce isn’t really qualified? Existing social- and ecological standards do not meet your requirements and lack certification?

Securing your input sources and competitive purchasing is important for you – but you are facing great price fluctuations or insufficient products?


● ● ● with impact joins projects of private enterprises with capital to support sustainable development in emerging markets.

● ● ● with impact helps companies to effectively set up and implement sustainability projects and strategies for their business.

● ● ● with impact supports with its wealth of experience in conceptual design, raising of capital and implementation of projects.

● ● ● with impact brings in expertise and a different perspective.

Whether you produce, purchase or sell your products globally ● ● ● thereby face challenges or aim to take advantage of given market opportunities ● ● ● with impact designs and develops a suitable approach and acquires funding for your projects.