Grant and Capital Acquisition &
Investor Relations
for corporate investment
in sustainable development.

Design, Administration & Implementation
of sustainability projects solving specific problems in the value production chain.

Support for Sustainable Supply Chains
by consulting and accompanying international social- and ecological standard implementation.

Strategic CSR-Consulting to achieve and anchor
a global sustainability profile for the entire company.


For this we bring along ● ● ●


● ● ●  Profound financial background and consulting for successful grant application, acquisition of capital and its administration.

● ● ● Interdisciplinary know-how about international standards systems (UN, OECD, ILO) and their effective implementation and adherence

● ● ● Expertise to introduce and implement ecological and social standards (e.g. SA 8000, BSCI, GOTS)

● ● ● Interface competency and consulting practice, contacts and experience in dealing with relevant institutions, different stakeholders and investors

● ● ● Know-how on convincing presentation and structure of your projects and ventures